Dynamic Leverage

Boost your investment power with Dynamic Leverage

up to 1:2000

Dynamic leverage is the way to reduce the amount of margin and it is a dynamic concept to calculate margin requirement.

XBKCM offers dynamic leverage for investors who trade in a dynamic environment.

The required margin for each trading position in the trading platform is automatically adjusted.

Essentially, there is a lower required margin on smaller volumes. As the volumes of trades increases, the maximum offered leverage decreases.

XBKCM provides dynamic leverage on Forex, Shares, Metals, Cryptos and Indices CFD pairs.

In the case that you Buy or sell any of the instruments, the funds required to open a position is automatically adjusted according to the trade volume (in lots).


How you Can Start Trading

Register and verify your account

You can register through our website and upload your ID documents to fully verify your account

Open your trading account and fund it

Fund your account with one of the payment methods provided to you

Start trading and with a boost

Trade with a dynamic leverage and boost your investment

Leverage Tiers based on Lots
Lots Max Leverage
0 - 5 1:2000
5.01 – 10 1:1000
10.01 – 20 1:500
20.01 – 50 1:200
50.01 – 100 1:100
>100 1:50

Dynamic Leverage Example

In order to calculate the required margin, use the following formula:
Required Margin = Number of lots x Contract size x Market Price / Leverage

If you trade on GBPUSD trading at 1.37615 and you begin investing with maximum dynamic leverage of 1:2000, then the below is required per Lot bracket:

  • The 1:2000 Dynamic Leverage is applied. You need a margin of USD330.9 to open a 5 Lots position.